Sydney Road Trip: Day 12 Coffs Harbour to Brisbane

Unfortunately, and as much as I might try to avoid it, all holidays must come to an end.  Day 12 was the final day of the Knight family road trip.  But we weren’t going to go home without a final hurrah.  As we were only half a day’s drive from Brisbane, we had time to spend a few hours at one of our favourite places in Australia – Dolphin Marine Magic at Coffs Harbour.

Last time we visited our middle child was about a year old.  We had such a magical time interacting with a whole range of marine animals, we knew we’d come back (which is quite a recommendation as we don’t usually like to do the same thing twice).  This time, as it was school holidays, it was much busier and hence lacked a little sparkle.  But it was still worth the quite reasonable entrance fee.

The ability to interact with many of their animals is this small theme park’s point of difference.  You can throw balls for and pat the dolphins as they swim past, feed a fish to a seal and a Little Blue Penguin and get a whiskery or squeaky kiss from a seal and dolphin.  All this is included in the price of your ticket.

The kids had a wonderful time.  And despite Connie being initially distressed by a curious dolphin, it wasn’t all terrified screaming from her.

She’s probably not going to be a dolphin trainer though.

So after a morning of wet hands and fishy kisses, it was time to hit the frog and toad one last time.

The trip from Coffs Harbour to Brisbane should have taken five hours.  But it seemed, the road wanted our company a little longer.  Road works, toilet stops, multiple toilet stops, dinner breaks, random delays and yet more toilet stops, meant a simple five hours turned into an arduous seven and half.

However, now a few months later, when our numb bums have revived and we’ve enjoyed our personal space and our everyday routines again, the boys ask when we’ll be going back to Sydney.  So I’ll take that as both a review and recommendation.



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