Sydney Road Trip: Day 10 Dubbo to Armidale

What’s a road trip without one of those long, painful drives, right?  Time to test our patience and love for each other with one of our longest drives of the holiday.  Dubbo to Armidale is an almost five hour drive with a lot of nothing to break up the monotony along the way.  This is what road trips in Australia are all about.

The only major break we had planned was to stop in on an old friend and her family living in Mendooran, a metropolis of 300 comprising of a handful of streets and a newsagent.  As it was only an hour out of Dubbo, we could only afford to stay for an hour, but it was wonderful to catch up and they loaded us up with a massive morning tea so we were suitably sated for the next stretch.

The only other blog-worthy stop was the golden guitar in Tamworth.  When you have hours to build it up, the excitement of finally laying eyes on the 12 metre high instrument was palpable.  Cue lots of air guitar antics.

Rock and roll!

Built to honour the country music industry, you can find the monolith outside the tourist information centre.  And if you’re sick of your road trip playlist, there are plenty of country music CDs for sale too.

We pulled in to Armidale late afternoon, just in time to feed the herd of fallow deer that lived at the back of our accommodation for the night.  We picked the Deer Park Motor Inn specifically because of its deer as it gave the kids something to focus their pent up energy on.  Poor deer.  They didn’t know what hit them!



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